Friday, February 10, 2017

30 Minute Indoor No Equipment Cardio Workout


No excuses allowed today. Calories are waiting for you to burn them away with this 30 minute indoor no equipment cardio workout. Great for when traveling and you don’t want to go to the hotel fitness room or for those rainy cold days outside. If you are like me, I prefer to do my workouts at home. Taking the time to go to the local gym takes too much time and it would be too easy for me to procrastinate and end up not going. Working out at home takes away another excuse not to workout.

This 30 minute indoor no equipment cardio workout is a good compliment to strength training. I have recently seen first hand the importance of weight lifting and cannot recommend it more for women over 40. Our muscles naturally atrophy which in turn decreases our metabolism. When we build our muscles back up, we restore our youthful metabolism and we are lean and toned.

Be sure to include a warm- up and cool down when doing any of your workouts.