Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Workout For Whole Body Shape ..


                PERFECT Abs WORKOUT

Hi Everyone !
Beautiful body shape everyone's dream, but it's not too much simple.Today i will give you world-class workout, and good news is that you can do it any where you want.It require no equipment, you just have a stop watch.With in a month you will observe many changes in your body, you will feel more fit, active and healthy and not only you, people around you will also  see these changes.


That Workout consists of following exercises :
  • Bur-pees / Squat thrust (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Body-weight Squat (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Jumping Jacks / Star Jumps (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • High Box Jump (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Plank (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Hip Raise / Butt Lift / Bridge (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Leg Pull-In Knee-up (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Hindu / Judo Push-up / Drive Bombers (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Flutter Kicks (3-sets, 30-sec).
  • Mountain Climbers / Alternating Knee-ins (3-sets, 30-sec).


Must warm-up your body before starting that workout for 5 mins, rest 15 sec between every exercise.Repeat that circuit at-least 2 times per day for better results .And use lemon water during exercise.
Happy Pining <3