Sunday, December 25, 2016

Workout For Steal Abs ..


                      BEST Abs WORKOUT

Hi Everyone !
Everyone desires he has Abs, lean and attractive body.But you can't gain it by money or sitting at your bed, you have to do some struggle for it.And proper Workout is necessary for perfect body shape.Just by picking heavy weights you can't make your body perfect, you require best technique for it.Today i will give you the World class Abs workout.
You can do that Workout at your home, no need to go Gym and picked heavy weights.You just require "Stop Watch & Exercise Mat" for it.


That workout for steal Abs consists of following exercise :

  • Sit-Ups (10)
  • Flutter Kicks (12)
  • Leg Raises (10)
  • Air Bike Crunches (10)
  • Knee Crunches (10)
  • Leg Pull-Ins (10)
  • Plank Arm Raise (10)
  • Elbow Plank (30-sec)
  • Body Saw (10)


Before workout warm up your body for 10 mins.For first two week do it's 3 sets and then increased by two every week, rest between the set up-to 2 mins.And used lemon-id during the exercise for maximum results.

Happy Pining <3