Wednesday, December 14, 2016

10 minute workout that will rock your core


Freestyle Friday: This 10 minute Ab workout will rock your core!

Hi Everyone !
One of the hardest task of universe  is to burn fat around your belly.It requires a lot of time and workout plus supplement but sometimes you still don't have good results, problem is not in you actually you not following the proper workout plan.Today i will give you the world best Workout that will crush your core with this quick stomach-shredding session and within in 3-4 weeks you will see clear cut change in your body weight and shape, you will feel himself more light, active and strong.


That Workout consists of following stomach shredding exercises :
  • Bicycle Kicks (30-sec).
  • Elbow Plank (45-sec).
  • Straight Leg Lifts (10-rep).
  • Russian Twists (16-rep).
  • Mountain Climbers (30-sec).
  • Rest (15-sec)
  • Superman Plank (8-rep).
  • Side Plank-left (45-sec).
  • Windshield Wipers (8-rep).
  • Side Plank-right (45-sec).
  • Bicycle Kicks (30-sec).
  • Mountain Climbers (30-sec).


Must warm-up your body before starting workout at-least for 5 mins.And repeat that circuit at-least 2-3 times per day in order to have clear cuts, Abs & attractive body shape.

Happy pining:)