Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Reflexology to reduce stress


How To Ease Stress And Anxiety Using Reflexology?

Hey all..!
We are called stress generation because we take too much stress. And almost all of us don't try to fight with it. There may be different reasons of stress for every different person. When we take stress our body respond to it in different ways. 
  • Our mind becomes alert 
  • Heart rate rise due to which blood pressure also rise
  • Anxiety sets in 
Reflexology is best for stress and anxiety. This can easily and directly release stress. It stimulates brain and other glands like adrenal gland, pituitary gland etc. Reflex points are joined with our different body parts that can release stress. These points are given below.

  • Wrist
This point is located on wrist, just below the hand.
Benefit: You can use this technique any time you are stressed. It calms your mind. It reduces blood pressure as well.
  • Palm
It lies below your thumb, in between of index and middle finger.
Benefit: It boots energy. 
  • Nails
Put one thumbnail on other thumbnail. 
Benefit: It stimulates pituitary and endocrine gland. 
  • Foot
This point lies at the base of the balls of your foot.
Benefits: This helps you to sleep well.
Happy pining:)