Thursday, November 17, 2016

World Best Butt Workout ..


                 BEST BUTT WORKOUT

Hi Everyone !
Round,trim and tight butt, everyone dream.But it's not too easy to again them.People do a-lot of heavy exercise for that purpose but without proper butt exercises they can't have it.Today here i will give you world best "Butt Workout", follow that workout within a month you will have a perfect,tight&round butt.


Butt Workout consist of following exercises :

  • Hip Bridge (50)
  • Donkey Kick (80)
  • Fire Hydrants (80)
  • Plie Sumo Squats (50)
  • Side Lungs (80)


Before starting that workout must warm-up your body for 10 mins.Repeat that circuit 3-5 times per day.
Happy pining <3