Sunday, November 27, 2016

6 minute of morning workout can make your whole day


6 Minute Morning Workout Routine

Hey all..!
We all have a busy life and we have to do a lot of work daily. We all wake up in early morning and then get to our work. In all our busy routine we forgot about our workout. But now don't worry I have a great 6 minute morning workout routine. Follow this routine I'm sure you will get result. 

Warm up:
Warm up is important before every workout. You can warm up your body before workout and cool down after workout.

(15 times squats)
 Tones your leg and butt
Improve balance and strength
Works the whole body
(15 push ups)
Tones your whole body
Uses of 75% of your body weight
Engages arms and abs
 (30 sec plank hold)
Relief back pain
Strengthen your core
Maintain posture
 (15 times bicycle crunches)
Work the obliques
Improves the endurance

This is how you can make your whole day only within 6 minutes with this brilliant exercise. Try it guys, it really works. 
Happy pining:)