Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gorgeous rings made by wood


  INCREDIBLE RINGS MADE FROM WOOD                                          AND BEESWX 

Hey all..!
As rings are the beauty of hands and when they are made uniquely their beauty increases hundred times. I will present you an amazing collection of rings made of woods and bees wax.These rings are designed to different scenes which look marvelous.
Following are some ring designs.

  • Delicate dark arctic forest
  • Delicate dark Amethyst forest
  • Deep sea geyser
  • Blue waves
  • Blossom forest
  • Arctic forest
  • Enchanted forest 
  • Midnight snowfall
  • Millettia Lurentii forest with gold
  • Original cypress 
  • Rocky lagoon
  • Tiny snow forest
  • Under water forest
  • Water fall
These are gorgeous ring designs. To see these designs follow our given link.