Sunday, October 2, 2016

1 month body challenge


        30-day summer body challenge

Hey all..!
Fitness is most important in life. And the secret of fitness id exercise or workout. So by doing workout we and maintain our body and fitness. To do workout is sometimes difficult because we have a lot of works to do or sometimes laziness is the reason. But here i'm giving you a scheduled workout which will help toy to slip your body. 
Here are some steps which are include in this workout.
  • How to do a wall squat
  • How to do a chair dip
  • How to do a donkey kick
  • How to do a led reach
Here's a video in which all these steps are clearly teach. Yo can easily understand the workout and timings of this workout from this video.So go fast and watch this video. To watch follow or given link.
Happy pining:)