Monday, September 19, 2016

Shape your eyebrows in simple 4 steps


            How to Shape Your Eyebrows        

Hey all..!
What do you think that which is the most attractive part of your face from which your beauty increases or you look hot? For me my eyebrows are the most focusing part when I makeup. And yes it should be, because the perfect shape or color of eyebrows enhances the beauty of face. And today I will tell you that how to shape your eyebrow with makeup.
There are four easy steps from which you can easily makeup your eyebrows. Following are those.
  • Step 1: Eyebrow brush
  • Step 2: Brow powder or pencil
  • Step 3: Filling of gaps 
  • Step 4: Touch of highlighter 
These are the four steps through which you can easily makeup your eyebrows and look gorgeous. Remember that draw a shape which really suits you because shape of eyebrow means a lot. To know that how to apply these steps click our given link. 
Happy pining:)