Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Makeup tips every girl should know


10 Life Changing Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

Hey all..!
Makeup is major part of a girl's life. Girls are very conscious about their makeup. Sometime its hard struggle to handle the makeup. But now don't worry because I have 10 changing makeup tips for girls. Following are some of them.
  • Use toilet seat cover as blotting paper
  • Make lipstick last longer with tissue paper and powder
  • Put petroleum jelly on your eye lashes before applying mascara 
  • Use white eye liner to make shadow base
  • Revive your mascara with eye drops
  • Try 'baking' your face
  • Hair spry is great brow jell
These are some of makeup tips. To know more tips follow our given link and enjoy your makeup.
Happy pining:)