Saturday, September 3, 2016

Benefits of garlic for health


           Garlic Uses & Health Benefits


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Garlic is a magical herb. It plays as best antibiotic. There are many benefits of garlic. Garlic belongs to plant Allium family. It is used in cooking due to its great smell and taste. 

Garlic Nutritional Facts

  • 95% of vitamin B-6
  • 38% of vitamin C
  • 13% of iron
  • 18% of calcium
  • 80% of manganese
  • 22% Phosphorus                                                                                Garlic works as antibiotic and prevents from many diseases. It prevents from heart attack, bug bites, flu, cold, fungal infections and diarrhea
Use of garlic?
Before consuming it crush and slice the glove and leave it for 15 minutes. When garlic is crushed it activates a reaction that produce allicin more bio-available.
In order to know about complete or proper procedure follow our given link.