Sunday, August 28, 2016

Quick Abs workout for women of just 8 minutes


     Quick 8 Minutes Abs Workout For Women

Hey all..!
Fitness is very important in everyone's life and we struggles a lot or workout a lot to maintain our fitness. Every one wants to make Abs because they look hot and crazy. Here I tell you 8 minutes workout which will helps you to make Abs and look fit. There are some steps you have to follow.

  • Diagonal plank (10 seconds each side)
  • V-crunch (20 seconds)
  • Down dog split knee up (10 seconds each side)
  • Side V-crunch (10 seconds each side)
  • Crunch chop (20 seconds)
  •  Mountain climbers (20 seconds)
  • Side plank toe touch (10 seconds each side)
  • Scissors (10 seconds each side)
Don't forget to take rest of 10 seconds after each exercise. To know more important things about these exercises follow given link.

Happy pining:)